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Material Testing and Analysis of Metals in Hydrogen Gas Environments

 We have created a brochure regarding contracted testing services for materials in hydrogen gas environments for metal materials. This brochure covers testing, analysis, and interpretation. Allow us to introduce it to you.


 In response to global climate change, there has been a rapid acceleration in the pursuit of decarbonization and carbon neutrality. To address this urgent challenge, many countries have set targets to achieve carbon neutrality within specific timeframes, such as by the year 2050. Hydrogen energy is regarded as one of the most promising solutions. Unlike fossil fuels, which release carbon dioxide when burned, hydrogen combustion has minimal impact on the environment and does not emit carbon dioxide. Furthermore, hydrogen possesses excellent energy conversion capabilities, making it a valuable resource for electricity generation.
 We, Kobe Material Testing Laboratory, recognize the significance of hydrogen energy and are actively engaged in the development of various material testing technologies within hydrogen environments. We aim to share our testing achievements and provide insights into our endeavors for further technological advancements.


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