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For the first time users

Do you have any of these problems in outsourcing material testing?

You have little knowledge and need guidance from scratch.

You have a concern about cost and delivery.

Necessary tests are too complex for you to handle.


Japan’s top-class facilities!

We are one of the largest independent laboratories in Japan. With Japan’s top-class facilities, we will realize the tests you want to do. Fixed costs will be reduced because you do not need to own processing and testing equipment.

Sincere and dedicated testing professionals!

“Why”, “of What”, and “How” of material testing matter to us. Not only performing requested testing, but we provide essential solutions. From testing for which you have little knowledge to testing too complicated for you to handle, our testing professionals sincerely respond to your needs.

Overwhelming advantage of one-stop service

Not only testing but from specimen fabrication to test report preparation, we offer one-stop service for all aspects of testing. In addition to reducing your work and effort, you will feel definite benefits in cost and delivery.



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If you consider outsourcing material testing, please feel free to contact Kobe Material Testing Laboratory.