Our Strength


Independent private laboratory with outstanding achievements

Our know-how accumulated over 70 years and independency from major capital companies provide highly objective and accurate data.


One of the largest independent testing laboratories in Japan

KMTL has more than 300 engineers that support our top-class testing services both in quality and quantity.


Testing professionals sincerely responding to customers

The memorial tower for test specimens in our property shows that we value gratitude. Such sincere testing professionals seriously address and tackle any issues or concerns you may have.



Building safe and secure future

 Machines, tools and equipment are essential for our daily life. For example, “lifelines” like electricity, gas and water depend on normal operation of their supply facilities. Today, most components of those facilities are made of metals and plastics. If any of the material is made failing to meet required standards, it could not only cause inconvenience but lead to serious accidents involving human life. To determine whether those materials meet specified standards, KMTL tests them from various perspectives and quantify the data for analysis and evaluation.



KMTL provides a wide range of testing services including fatigue and creep testing to support safety and security for society at large.


Analysis Service

Lists of analytical and measurement services at KMTL that include chemical and physical property measurement analysis.


Specimen/fixture/machine manufacturing

KMTL also support the production of test pieces and various other testing equipments, which allow us to provide a total support for material testing to our clients.



KMTL Company Profile

If you any inquiry regarding material testing, please contact us here.