Supporting your safety and future

Buildings, vehicles, machines and tools are essential for our daily life and lifelines depend on normal operation of power supply facilities. Today, most components of those facilities and equipment are made of metal or plastic. Any material that does not meet required standards can lead to breakage of components during use. It may cause not only inconvenience but serious accidents involving human life.

Kobe Material Testing Laboratory Group examines materials to determine whether they meet specific standards. We perform testing from various perspectives and quantify the data for analysis and evaluation.


Our Services


KMTL provides fatigue testing, creep testing, and a wide range of testing services to improve the safety and security of society.

Analysis Service

KMTL provides physical property measurement, chemical analysis, and other analysis/measurement services to help research and development.

Other Service

KMTL is also a manufacturer of test pieces and equipment necessary for testing and analysis, as a comprehensive support provider for material testing.