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Open Lab in Tokyo Sales Office

 KMTL operates Open Lab in our Tokyo Sales Office. Its facilities include a miniature creep testing machine and miniature fatigue testing machine as well as a mass spectrometer that uses soft ionization method which is under joint development with research institutions.

 This Open Lab has been utilized by various customers. Especially for the soft-ionization-mass-spectrometer development, technology developers and potential users have worked together and openly evaluated and reviewed new technologies.

 If you are interested in miniature testing technologies or developing a soft-ionization mass spectrometer, please visit us at Open Lab in our Tokyo Sales Office.

Major function

Promoting spread of new technologies and collecting needs of industrial users
◆Demonstration of developed or new model equipment
◆Contracted analysis and study using developed or new model equipment
◆As a satellite laboratory of companies and institutions
Open innovation
◆As a development center of analysis equipment and technologies for multiple organizations to meet

Examples of analysis
◆Evaluation of plastics (base material, additives)
◆Oil products (oil species, composition)
◆Real-time monitoring of gas generated during heating and gas phase reaction, and other analyses

More information

Name Kobe Material Testing Laboratory Co., Ltd. Tokyo Sales Office
Location 110-0015
ASANO Building 101 4-10-3 Higashiueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo
TEL 03-3843-5691
FAX 03-3843-5690