Various non-distractive and distractive testing technologies are used for new materials research and development, component testing and failure investigations, and aging degradation and residual life evaluation. KMTL makes analysis and evaluation through our multidiscipline engineering and consulting service based on our knowledge and experience and plays an important role in developing new materials, improving the maintenance technology and service life of power generating facilities and machines.

  • STEP.01Material testing

    Various testing from general strength to corrosion testing

    e.g. metallography, creep rupture, low-cycle/high-cycle fatigue, fracture toughness, and testing of actual components

  • STEP.02Specimen

    Spiceman From JIS and ASTM standard specimens to specially configured specimens

    e.g. artificially-defected UT calibration specimens.

  • STEP.03Chemical analysis

    From testing in various environments to environmental measurements

    e.g. elemental analysis, state analysis, corrosion testing, investigation and measurement for environmental conservation, and performance testing of chemical equipment.

  • STEP.04Equipment

    Responding various needs from the viewpoint of a material testing laboratory

    by providing testing machines and peripheral equipment, and other equipment and testing systems customized to its use.

Investigation of the cause of accidents of industrial machinery and components, design consultation including material selection, plant environmental research and chemical performance diagnosis, engineer dispatch. We are ready to support all kinds of material investigation and evaluation with our long experience, expertise and technology.

Our expertise

Fractography Strength evaluation Non destructive testing
Material evaluation Environmental evaluation