Electric Discharge Sampling Equipment

 This equipment has been developed to accurately evaluate the residual life or investigate the failure of large plant-components with a minimized amount of samples taken. (Standard sample size: 2.5 (t) x 20 (w) x 40 (l) mm)  Various types of testing are available using the extracted samples, featuring destructive testing on our self-developed miniature series testing machines including miniature tensile, high-cycle/low-cycle fatigue, and creep testing machines.

Electric Discharge sampling equipment

Enlarged view of electric discharge sampling

1. Portable to be used for on-site sampling.
2. Minimizing effect of sampling by scooping the surface of the object.
3. Selectable sampling position to suit the object shape.
4. Preventing machining and thermal deformation.
5. Reduced sampling cost



 In all industries such as the electric power industry using thermal power generation, evaluating residual life and ensuring reliability and health of operating plants are important international issues. Our unique Electric Discharge Equipment (EDSE) aids in periodic maintenance and other inspections at the sites of the plants through sample extraction, as required by the customer, as well as in removal of the defective or deteriorated parts of components.

KMTL’s on-site sampling
① uses Electric Discharge Sampling Equipment developed by our company,
② takes samples directly from plant components (Sample thickness: 2.5 mm),
③ shortens time required to extract a sample (Standard time for taking a sample: 2 – 3 hours),
④ includes scaffolding and curing (Normal work period: 1 week),
⑤ requires no big work, extracting a small sample,
⑥ is available at low cost utilizing the equipment and excellent staff,
⑦ can be conducted at any place for any part, and
⑧ causes little adverse effect on facilities and components.

Examples of past work

Boiler Header Piping
Sampling location Outer surface bottom and side
Extracted sample size 3.5t × 20W × 56L
Processing liquid Pure water
Electrode Silver tungsten
Gas Turbine Rotor
Sampling location Outer surface weld
Extracted sample size 2.5t × 20W × 40L
Processing liquid Oil
Electrode Copper
Large Diameter Pipe
Sampling location Inside
Extracted sample size 4.0t × 20W × 65L
Processing liquid Oil
Electrode Copper
Spherical Tank
Sampling location Inner slanted area
Extracted sample size 10t × 20W × 60L
Processing liquid Pure water
Electrode Silver tungsten


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