Technical Assistance

 KMTL contributes to the development of the society and industries by providing our best technical services through the field operation, dispatch, temporary transfer of engineers and contracted businesses. Our expertise is based on our long years’ experience of specimen preparation, material testing, and design and manufacture of special equipment.


Specimen preparation using electrolytic polishing


Finishing a specimen under an optical microscope

Outline of technical assistance (engineer dispatch)

1. Basics and elemental technology
Metallographic inspection, analysis, and physical property investigation for metallic and high-polymer materials
Fractographic analysis, characterization analysis, crystal structural analysis
Mechanical strength testing; deformation/stress measurement and analysis
Melting, forging, and heat treatment of metallic materials
Non-destructive inspection and evaluation; testing and evaluation of radioactive materials
2. Machinery and plant technology
Support for design and manufacturing of special testing, inspection, and other equipment
Support for design and manufacturing of sensing and controlling equipment
Performance testing of and maintenance support for machinery and plants
Soundness examination, remaining life evaluation, and damage investigation of structures and components
3. Environmental and chemical technology
Support for test operation, performance measurement and evaluation of plants
Support for measurement of special exhaust gases from environmental equipment
4. Simulation system technology
Support for stress and strain analysis of structures using FEM
Support for constructing device-control, monitoring, and diagnosis systems
Support for design and creation of various data processing and analysis systems
5. Machining and manufacturing technology
Manufacture of various types of test specimens (JIS, ASTM, DIN, BS, and other)
Precision machining of various fixtures, tools, and parts
Maintenance of various types of machine tools



KMTL also support the production of test pieces and various equipment required for testing and analysis and provide total support for material testing.